1. Destructive Pine sawflies on Mugho Pine in Wheaton Il. Contact certified arborist Ed Max for consultation on your trees and shrubs.

    December 21, 2015 by MAX
    Arborist Ed Max of West Chicago Il

    Pine sawfly can strip your mugho and scotch pine foliage. Feeding on last years foliage will leave the plants  looking ragged. Planting species that are not on the sawfly menu helps as does being on alert in early spring and removal before the damage is done. A hard spray of water, shaking the shrubs, or applying BT ( a natural bacteria)Contact certified arborist Ed Max through the contact us button above for advice on your landscapes soon.






  2. Controlled burns benefit the woodlands and gardens.

    March 18, 2015 by MAX


    Woodland gardens of Winfield, maxlandscape.co, Ed max certified arborist of west chicago, shade gardens ofg wheaton

    Same area of this woodland garden a month after the fire – what a difference!

    caption id=”attachment_1369″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]maxlandscape.com does burns, and landscape care, Ed Max, landscape designer,  max's greener places,  landscape services near St. Charles,  Geneva lawn and garden care. Controlled burns benefit the landscapes and natural woodland gardens. As seem here in the woodlands of Dupage Co. near West Chicago and Winfield, Il.[/caption]

    Controlled fires can make a quick clean up of a messy, and leaf clogged woodland. Be sure to have the proper permits, safety training, and water at the ready! Use an experienced crew to burn your prairies and woodlands. Your open spaces will appreciate it!

    Call us or email to set a consultation date.


  3. a landscape design takes shape in St. Charles, Geneva Il

    March 16, 2014 by MAX
    A preview we provide as to how your landscapes would appear in the future

    landscape design, maxlandscape.com, ed max



  4. Near record snow for the 2013-2014 winter in the Chicagoland region (close to 6′ to date)

    March 5, 2014 by MAX
    maxlandscape.com, native landscapes, wiheaton il

    To think that at this same time both last year and in 2012 we had bulbs such as Aconite in bloom by now

    Below: The garden a year earlier- and a only a month ahead of the pic above!

    maxlandscape.com, max's greener places

    And six weeks ahead of top pic…… ah…spring…bring it on!!!!!native gardens, woodlands, shade beds, wildflowers of Chicago IL

    Woodlands of West Chicago, Winfiled landscapes, woodland landscapes


    Aconites (non-native, but lovely all the same, and very early, naturalizes easily)





  5. Oak Park /River Forest Landscapes:

    February 13, 2014 by MAX
    oak park landscapers, maxlandscape.com

    Utilized many of the existing plants to renovate this charming old home

    landscapers, oak park, maxlandscape.com

    another vintage landscape utilizing native and vintage plants, plus new intros, all to create a colorful and lively landscape

    We are the design/landscapers that have been creating wonderful, and fun landscape settings in Oak Park for years:


  6. Seasonal clean ups from Max’s Greener Places, West Chicago, Winfield, Wheaton

    December 6, 2013 by MAX


    Fall or winter clean ups, including trimming of beds, and lawn clean up have been happening for some time,slowly- but what a tough fall it has been! If you are still in need, or want to schedule a spring clean up, or a consultation on winter corrective pruning of trees and shrubs- do email or call soon to schedule. We can set up now so we are ready when the time is right. We prefer to use the ground leaf mulch to insulate the beds, and the tender plants such as roses. Keeping the free gift – your leaves  (ground, organic leaf mulch) on site makes sense: good for the earth, good for the earthworms, good for the roots of your plantings, and it’s saving you the cost of hauling it away!                   Next year- keep it on site. CLICK on any pic to enlarge.

    Landscape maintenance, lawn care, fall clean up, West Chicago, Il,

    What a mess!  Fall clean up time, winter is a good time to asses,  prune, plan for spring.

  7. a landscape blooms in Geneva Il

    June 11, 2013 by MAX

    June is the month for geranium ‘Rosanne’, seen here in Geneva Il, in this great cottage style garden, low maint., with many perennials, much color, and diversity of species for all 4 seasons of color and interest. Natives in the landscaping work well as seen here- Prairie Dropseed, and Compass plants, plus a nice white oak, to be seen here for centuries!

    Oaks work well in landscapes of Geneva area

    Stone walls, natural landscapes in Geneva, St Charles areas

  8. Terracing the front beds: using faux (pictured) or natural stone

    July 3, 2012 by MAX

    What a differance a landscape renovation can do for the home’s front!

    A landscape renovation will follow in Aurora, Fox Valley, Naperville Il area

    A new Landscape design will make quite a change here!



    Seen in Aurora Il, Naperville Il landscape.

    New landscape after the renovation!


    Seen here in western Dupage county landscapes

    Shade and sun landscape in Aurora, this stone is lovely!

  9. Landscaping and stone work in Oak Park/ River Forest, Il.

    April 20, 2012 by MAX
    River Forest landscapes

    New landscape to follow

    a new landscape design adds color and dimension Install begins

    Seen a year later, with native grasses filling in, boxwood for nice winter cover


  10. Woodlands/forest restorations

    March 11, 2012 by MAX

    Nothing for us is more fulfilling (and FUN) than pulling/cutting, and burning non-native, and invasive growth such as buckthorn, multi-flora rose, and asian honeysuckle. When a natural area is culled of the nasty alien species, you can then begin to ‘see the forest through the trees!’ Below is a good burn in St. Charles Geneva area in  Il.Fox Valley invasives: Rhamus, Lonicera

    A good cut and burn in woods allowing light in to aid in better quality plants to flourish.