1. Snowdrops make an early winter appearance in this West Chicago wooded landscape!

    January 31, 2016 by MAX
    native landscapes of Wheaton, West Chicago landscape design, ed max design guy

    West Chicago landscape with Snowdrops peeking through the snow as of late January of 2016!


    Landscaping in the woodlands and shaded areas can be challenging. With the right plant combos, there will be color from late winter through fall.

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  2. Potting up bulbs for spring color in the landscapes

    February 28, 2015 by MAX

    Potting up bulbs on a late February day. Sunny, but crazy, cold day !!!  Bulbs can sit unplanted, (but kept cold), and from my experience – once potted up, bloom nicely anyway. I prefer to pot my daffodils,  then set into the woodland shade gardens where I see fit and to fill in. Besides…

    Potting up up the bulbs. A bit late, but we'll see!

    A before shot- March 1

    Most of us cannot remember where they are needed until spring when things are in bloom anyways. I frequently plant on top of other plants that are not visible! So, give it a try- pot them up, force them early, then plant out where needed!


  3. Natural landscapes in Downers Grove Il and the suburban gardens come alive:

    April 7, 2014 by MAX
    landscape company in Oak Brook, Il

    Species crocus bloom quite early, and spread nicely (Oak Brook IL)










    Species crocus, spring native wildflowers, daffodils, and aconites: all coming into bloom soon. The snows have finally gone, though there are STILL many areas here that are still frozen, but the bulbs have popped anyway!. The aconites have peaked by now, and the snowdrops are 6″ tall. Daffodils are up but need a warm day to pop. Soon!!!!

    Helebores are unfurling:

    Helebores, also called 'Lenten Rose', right on schedule!

    Helebores, also called ‘Lenten Rose’, right on schedule!













  4. Whats in bloom: Camassia (Indian Hyacinth) in May

    May 3, 2012 by MAX

    Camassia, can’t say enough about this bulbous beauty! Blooms for weeks, with the great steel-blue spikes. Will multiply well. Native to prairies and the Pac. NW. Seen here in a Glen Ellyn wildflower garden.

    lasted here in a Glen Elly flower garden for weeks!

    Steel blue Camassias

  5. Whats in Bloom (what an early appearance!) Native Trillium

    April 20, 2012 by MAX

    Trillium; the true native beauty of  Chicago woodlands (here in Naperville shade gardens)

    Browsing by deer diminish this species in our woodlands

    West Chicago native wildflower

    Pure white blooms in mid spring.

  6. Specie tulips – blooms for April

    April 5, 2012 by MAX

    Keep in mind that most tulips in our midwestern climate slowly decline,blooming sporadically – if at all after a few year. But NOT specie tulips, small in stature, and wonderful en masse, they will multiply over the years, and can be very reliable!

    Wheaton garden shot- does well in shade too!

    Tulip 'tardiva', multplies over time to create small masses from a single bulb


  7. What’s in bloom: mid October (fall blooming Crocus)

    October 13, 2011 by MAX

    Yes- crocus in fall! Who knew. Beautiful too!

    Crocus blooms amoungst the fallen leaves

  8. What’s in bloom – JUNE

    June 9, 2011 by MAX

    Late spring, almost summer (!!!), and with this heat, out pop the peonies.

    fragrant, blooms on woody stem, will live for decades

    Jap. Tree Peony

  9. Spring Buds -close up and personal

    April 23, 2011 by MAX

    What beauty when viewed from so close in!

    A woodland native of Chicagoland forests, lowlands

    Beauty in the Bluebell bud about to open

    note the ant-pollinaor

    caught in the act- see the ant?

    Will develop a fruit

    the mayapple w/ blossom -about to unfurl

    Troutlily multiply creating lg. masses of speckled leaves

    once thought to be a cure-all for many illnesses

    Liverwort, rather uncommon, found on slopes, woodlands

    All the trilliums are fantastic to watch as they emerge

  10. what’s in bloom: Bloodroot (Sanguineria)

    April 10, 2011 by MAX

    April 8, 2011:  A true native of our Midwestern woodlands, and a gem of a wildflower!    Not the most common of natives either. The blooms last for only a few days, later followed by a beautiful leaf. Said to contain medicinal qualities.  Will multiply, seed spread by insects. Blood- like sap often used by early Americans as dyes and more.