1. Another large, challenging, and fun project! (pix so far)

    November 18, 2011 by MAX

    A great project completed in September 2011 in West Chicago:

    New tiered stone walls and landscapes

    seen from before to after:

    During renovation....

    walk to be removed

    during lunch break - this bizarre sky!

    tree cut out

    new Unilock 'Quarry stone' arrives!

    New walls going up

    Caps are called Ledegstone (Unilock product)

    Landscape will fill in w/ time.

    clay paver walk, stone steps

    Taking care to preserve burr oak w/ new blocks

    Clay paver walk w/ nat. stone steps

  2. Native fall blooming Witchhazel (Hammemalis) shrub

    November 3, 2011 by MAX

    A fun surprise to find a shrub in bloom in November! Fall color is great, and useful in wooded, or shady places:


    fragrant, blooms til freezing temps arive

    Woodland shrub of Glen Ellyn