1. Bellwort (Uvularia)- another woodland beauty (and native)

    April 23, 2012 by MAX

    Often seen in high quality woodlands (like Starved Rock IL) and in shade gardens around the midwest (seen here in a lovely garden in Wheaton Il). Beguiling yellow blooms in late spring, dangling 12″ above the soil, thrives in moist , shaded areas.

    Wheaton Il specimen Bellwort (native wildflower)

    Native bellwort, once establish, will thrive in woodlands and shaded landscapes

  2. Whats in Bloom (what an early appearance!) Native Trillium

    April 20, 2012 by MAX

    Trillium; the true native beauty of  Chicago woodlands (here in Naperville shade gardens)

    Browsing by deer diminish this species in our woodlands

    West Chicago native wildflower

    Pure white blooms in mid spring.

  3. Landscaping and stone work in Oak Park/ River Forest, Il.

    by MAX
    River Forest landscapes

    New landscape to follow

    a new landscape design adds color and dimension Install begins

    Seen a year later, with native grasses filling in, boxwood for nice winter cover


  4. Specie tulips – blooms for April

    April 5, 2012 by MAX

    Keep in mind that most tulips in our midwestern climate slowly decline,blooming sporadically – if at all after a few year. But NOT specie tulips, small in stature, and wonderful en masse, they will multiply over the years, and can be very reliable!

    Wheaton garden shot- does well in shade too!

    Tulip 'tardiva', multplies over time to create small masses from a single bulb