1. Ornamental trees in your landscape: Kousa Dogwood

    May 17, 2012 by MAX

    Consider an ornamental specimen for your property such as a Kousa Dogwood          (Cornus Kousa). Ornamental trees may have nice blooms, fruit, and fall colors, and normally have a smaller stature at maturity, not overpowering a normal sized property.

    Late spring color in Hinsdale Il

    Seen here in a mature Hinsdale garden- the white blooms in a green garden!


  2. Whats in bloom: Camassia (Indian Hyacinth) in May

    May 3, 2012 by MAX

    Camassia, can’t say enough about this bulbous beauty! Blooms for weeks, with the great steel-blue spikes. Will multiply well. Native to prairies and the Pac. NW. Seen here in a Glen Ellyn wildflower garden.

    lasted here in a Glen Elly flower garden for weeks!

    Steel blue Camassias

  3. Timeless beauty in natural stone

    by MAX

    Seen here is a natural  (Galena limestone) stone wall w/ dyed mortar. Quite a project to put this garden wall together – in the cottage garden style, seen here in a West Chicago native prairie  & production garden , which will produce loads of veggies.

    Western suburb stone company, for walls, patios walkways etf

    Natural stone is a thing of timeless beauty!