1. Whats in Bloom: Silphiums for fall (native prairie plants), tough species that need little water

    August 28, 2012 by MAX

    ‘Drought tolerant’. That is the description we all want to hear, and will most certainly need to hear as time goes by and water becomes increasingly expensive, and perhaps scarce in some regions.  Four silphiums make up the family : Compass plant, cup plant, rosin weed, and prairie dock all present bright sulfur yellow blooms, and large tough leaves.

    good native stand in Oak Brook Il prairie

    Rosin weed (silphium terebinthinaceum) grows in clumps, to 4', butterfly magnet



  2. Suggested hardwood trees for the Dupage county area

    August 20, 2012 by MAX

    Quality hardwood shade trees offer shade, oxygen, and beauty, and can actually lower temperatures on your property, and most certainly within your abode. In addition -planting species such as Oak (Quercus) or Hickory you feed a plethora of other species of birds, bugs and animals, good thing all around! Siting of your new tree is important too, distance from the house and what direction. We are especially keen on situating wonderful trees such as Sugar Maple ‘Green Mountain’ (Acer sac.) off a SW corner of the home, thus shading the house from the hottest rays of of the day, and saving you big bucks over time,

    Acer Sacc, the maple syrup tree!

    Great fall color of sugar maple

    Sticking with native trees makes sense: less water (once established), beneficial to local wildlife etc.

    Native oak

    A wonderful tree in Winfield Il


    a once thought extinct tree from China

    Maidenhair tree, or Gingko


    Fond pof wet spots, water's edge

    Will live forever, this deciduous evergreen

    a mix of oak, gingko, tulip poplar, crab, pine, and hickoy

    A mix of trees adds year round interest

    ‘Fall colors from the lg. tulip tree, with it’s clear yellow leaf.