1. Arborist consultations: fall is time to assess your ornamental and shade trees.

    October 26, 2012 by MAX
    Red Oak (Quercus rubrum) in fall colors

    Red oak checked for wilt in West Chicago Il

    We can help to assess your landscapes and tree health. Member: IAS

    Int. Society of Arborists

    (seen here: Red Oak and Paperbark Maple in full fall color)

  2. It’s time for more emphasis on fall colors in our Chicagoland landscapes!

    October 13, 2012 by MAX

    Ed Max designs  new landscapes and shade gardens with fall in mind. By adding the right mix to your landscapes-particularly native shrubs and trees, you can extend the color in the garden. for weeks!  For excellent shrubs try;  Witchhazels, (seen below) , Fothergillas, and the Viburnum family to name just a few. For awesome color in trees I’d suggest native Red oak, Ginkgo, Sugar Maple, Ostryas, or one of the many Japanese maples (seen below)

    Acer sp.

    Brilliant reds in mid Oct, seen here in Wheaton Il

    Hammemalis x Arnold Promise'

    Wonderful fall colors, with bright yellow blooms in winter!


    Hinsadale shade gardens here

    Fothergillas: shade is preferred. easy to grow.