1. Landscape evolution in Oak Brook Il , new birch grove (Betula ‘Renaissance Reflection)

    June 21, 2013 by MAX

    As we progress- keep an eye on the blog to see things progress: a grove of  White birch (betula)  called ‘Renaissance Reflection’, which is supposed to more hardy and birch borer resistance is said to be good. Great yellow fall colors too. The rose is a ‘Drift’ rose, and many geranium help to fill in.

    landscaping, brick, pavers, sidewalks and new paver driveway in Oak Brook, and Hinsdale Il

    Just beginning, to add new landscapes

    And after:

    A new landscape, using natives, oak, maple, and birch, in Oak Brook, Hinsdale Il

    New landscaping after the new walks were added, birch, roses, new landscapes give this Oak Brook res. a new look,



    New stone and brick pavers by Maxlandscape.com, max's greener places, Ed Max, oak brook il

    A completely new garden and landscape.

  2. Whats in bloom: native Prairie coneflower (Echinachea pal.)

    June 19, 2013 by MAX

    Prefers dry sunny soils, a real eye-catcher! Good for pollinators, and song birds. Will freely re-seed if left alone, no mulch, no fuss, full sun, seen here in Bluff Spring Fen near Elgin Il:

    Elgin area fen, near St. Charles, Geneva Il

    Easy to grow, good for Midwestern gardens, or the Chicagoland landscapes. A native to prairie habitats.


  3. Baptisia blooms in a Naperville Landscape

    June 17, 2013 by MAX

    Baptisias all bloom well in our Midwestern gardens, and are a good pollinator attractant!


    Naperville gardens, landscapes

    Easy to grow in this Naperville landscape garden, is this blue indigo (baptisia), grows well in Chicago area gardens, blooms in spring. to 3′

  4. Landscape design (2 yrs old) in West Chicago, Il

    by MAX

    Decorative natural stone (approx. 7 tons) was used, along with many ornamental shrubs for this southern exposure such as Tiger Eye Sumac, juniper and roses,  and perennials such as cactus, tyme, and dropseed (native grass) all come together to make this landscape stand out:

    Landscapes, xeriscaping, drought tolerant species, perennials, and landscaping in West Chicago IL

    A fantastic blast of color along with sumac, roses, native perennials all to withstand these dry conditions.


    New stone steps, new landing, walkway, drive all made of pavers, lg. unilock product, and natural stone streps.

    A new stone walk, landing, porch, all made of mortared stone plus Unilock pavers, with new landscaping in West Chicago, Winfield, Wheaton area


    Drought tolerant species for a sun bed , landscape in West Chicago, Winfield, Wheaton Il area,

    Cactus and thyme, plus dropseeds-all planted in this harsh sunny spot to hold up well. Seen here in West Chicago, Il


  5. David Austin Rose ‘Crown Princess Margarette’

    June 14, 2013 by MAX

    A super fragrant cabbage style rose blooms in the wet spring of 2013 :



    A wonderful rose we added into a cottage garden , in Naperville Il . An existing landscape with many roses and perennials.

  6. a landscape blooms in Geneva Il

    June 11, 2013 by MAX

    June is the month for geranium ‘Rosanne’, seen here in Geneva Il, in this great cottage style garden, low maint., with many perennials, much color, and diversity of species for all 4 seasons of color and interest. Natives in the landscaping work well as seen here- Prairie Dropseed, and Compass plants, plus a nice white oak, to be seen here for centuries!

    Oaks work well in landscapes of Geneva area

    Stone walls, natural landscapes in Geneva, St Charles areas

  7. What’s in bloom for June 2013: what a year for roses!

    by MAX

    Seen here: ‘ Drift’ Rose in a lovely coral color. Easy to grow, low profile,  set in a naturalistic landscape in West Chicago, Il, native and natural stone steps of ‘Galena’ limestone.

    fragrant roses, easy care, Winfield IL, West Chicago, Geneva, St. Charles Il landscapes

    Fragrant and easy to care for Drift roses, and natural stone steps

  8. A blossoming landscape in Geneva Il

    June 3, 2013 by MAX

    We began this project five + yrs ago. The wait has been worth it for the final results:

    White oak tree, dropseed, cactus, amsonias, aster, and geranium

    Quite a colorful landscape in Geneva Il

  9. Single pink peony, Oak Brook Il

    by MAX

    This massive specimen measured approx. 10″ in dia.!

    Naperville Il english garden plant, easy to grow!

    A coral colored peony- really incredible!

  10. Single red peony ‘Nippon Beauty’, late spring perennial

    by MAX

    Nippon beauty - a single peony, does not flop in the rain!