1. Fall color never fails to excite! Plant quality trees for color.

    October 14, 2014 by MAX
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    another max suggestion for fall colors, a part of our landscape that is terribly lacking in my opinion!
    Excellent plant for formal or natural landscapes


    Consider the sugar maple (acer) , for it’s outstanding colors, and hardiness, or perhaps a serviceberry (amelanchier can.) which is an ornamental, grows to 30′, has soft peach fall colors, an excellent tree for our Chicagoland landscapes. A hardy tree, and very popular.


  2. Discovering the true value of your trees, or trees you might be condisering:

    October 12, 2014 by MAX
    Give it a try- quite interesting, and an eye-opener. Trees are (in my opinion) greatlyundervalued. Seen below is a chart to use to discover their benefits!

    Thanks to Davey tree and others, now you can with ease!

    Then get out and plant that tree!





    Understanding This Tool:The Tree Benefit Calculator allows anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits individual street-side trees provide. This tool is based on i-Tree’s street tree assessment tool called STREETS. With inputs of location, species and tree size, users will get an understanding of the environmental and economic value trees provide on an annual basis.The Tree Benefit Calculator is intended to be simple and accessible. As such, this tool should be considered a starting point for understanding trees’ value in the community, rather than a scientific accounting of precise values. For more detailed information on urban and community forest assessments, visit the i-Tree website.

    National Tree Benefit Calculator

    Thank you for choosing this site to calculate the
    economic and ecological benefits of your tree.
    Find your climate zone to get started:
    Enter your zip code below:
    Select a zone from the map

  3. Scarlet Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja coc.)

    October 8, 2014 by MAX
    Native plants, landscape species, natural landscapes of beaver island, ed max, naturalist

    A semi-parasitic plant, uncommon, with fiery foliage (not blooms) in late summer




  4. Fall colors enhance our lives and our landscapes!

    October 7, 2014 by MAX

    fall clors by max's greener places, landscape desogn in Wheaton, Il

    The autumnal colors of the Midwest are sadly missing from most landscapes. Max’s Greener Places wants to put a little color back into the landscapes using native shrubs and trees. Our landscape designs always incorporate some plant varieties such as one of the many sumacs, serviceberry, maples, ginkgo, Japanese maples, some of the grasses, and even the foliage of select perennials can be awesome late in the landscape season. .
    Fall colors – with proper plant selection, can rival spring with all its’ natural and outstanding beauty!

  5. Patio installation (replacement) and landscaping in West Chicago

    October 6, 2014 by MAX
    maxlandscape.com, landscapers of west chciago, stone and brick patios , paver and brick walkeways, landscape design, Ed Max, West Chicago, Il,

    This product used for new patios and walkways is called ‘Avante Ashalr’ installed by Max’s Greener Places (maxlandscape.com,), a landscape project in West Chicago, Winfield area, new patio and landscaping to follow

    patio and stone design, outdoor landscaping, maxlandscape.com

    old patio made of mortared brick, was a mess,

    Fall 2014, this old decrepit patio has fallen apart, so it was torn out, new walls went in




    patios and landscaping by max's greener palces

    The faux stone (looks like flagstone) went up followed by the new paver patio.