1. Ancient white pine of the U.P. of MI. (the Porkies). White pine in the landscapes of the Midwest.

    October 28, 2015 by MAX

    Within part of a lg swath of old growth forest dwells giants:
    white pine (P.strobus) at 150 ft.n 400 year plus yrs old, 300 yr old Hemlock (Tsuga can.), Massive Yellow birch,Striped maple, and majestic Sugar maples.
    Seen here along the Little Carp Trail Fall 2015

    native pines in our landscapes of the Wheaton area, vergreens and poine are important parts of a good landscape design

    150 ft plus 400 yr old + white pine pinus strobus

  2. Rooster is in the garden no more

    by MAX

    Our roo, only a year and a half old…..too young to decline and have his head lopped off, but that’s how it went down. The big fella went lame-unable to walk. Maybe a broken leg? It was hard to discern. Bottom line, he declined rapidly, was no longer fair to him in such bad shape to keep him going. This big boy will be missed.

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    This was a pic of the big boy early on. Was a great watch dog!