Native trees of Illinois: The Famous White oak of McNab Illinois. The State Champion oak tree – and what a tree it is!

January 18, 2019 by MAX
White oak state champion tree seen by Ed Max in McNab Il, SW of Starved Rock.
An incredible specimen. And the photo does not do justice. This White Oak 
(native to Illinois and the Midwest ) is the largest of its species, 
nearly 120 ft across!
The white oak is a durable oak, and can grow to immense size as
seen here. White oak or Quercus alba has a small acorn, and helps
to support 100’s of species ; from mammals to fungi, to insects.
And important species that we should be using much more in our
urban and suburban landscapes, where space allows.
A species for the future:
As the climate continues to warm, the White oak may be a suitable landscape tree (native to the south), able to tolerate a tougher, drier, warmer climate going forward.

Plant an oak today! Call Arborist Ed Max to set up a consultation on caring for your oaks, or for installing a few new red, bur or white oak, in your landscapes.

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