1. Landscape design for 2014- now is the time to plan for spring,so give us a shout!

    December 12, 2013 by MAX

    We’d be happy to meet and  discus your landscape need: be it a new patio or a paver/brick driveway, garden walls, a new shade garden, or maybe an updated garden.  We also do consultation, and offer professional arborist advice. Click on photo.

    Shade gardens, Naperville Il, woodland gardens

    We incorporated sedges, grasses, lg. hostas, perennials, hydrangeas and more to this semi-shaded area. We first pulled many invasive shrubs such as buckthorn and honeysuckle

  2. Landscape design and renovations: winter is a good time to begin the process. Get in touch!

    November 19, 2013 by MAX
    Now is a fine time to consider a fresh garden design ;  plan a spring and summer collection for the wooded garden, or a more traditional design, with pavers, flagstone pathways, perhaps a water feature and landscape lighting? Call us @ Max’s Greener Places, maxlandscape.com, ask for Ed Max, designer, cert, arborist, and natutralist

    the best colors can be seen in the early wildflower garden,

    shade gardens, native trees, maxlandscape.com, west Chicago, Il


    Mid summer  woodlands: fern, hemlocks, maxlandscape.com, magnolias of /chicagoland, native wildflowers, West Chicago, IL, Geneva, Il.,

    Shade beds, native wildflowers of our woodlands, low maint. ,

    Natural landscapes, with Redbud, magnolias, bluebells, native plants

  3. Native sumac family: three season plant, and offers up a delicious tea as well!

    November 17, 2013 by MAX


    Rhus glabra, rhus laciniata, sumac, indian tea, native landscapes, native shrubs, edible landscapes, maxlandscape.com, ed max, naturalist

    Fruit of sumac: fun huh? AND you can make a healthy natural tea! A common, and native species, easy to grow.

    Fine, lacy foliage plant family- they can tend to colonize, which can be a good thing in a spot where you can let them run. Add in the rich fall colors of sumac glabra, shining sumac, staghorn sumacs. (Rhus) See maxlandscape.com for more info. The lemonade is delicious- strained!