1. Invasive Buckthorn; it may look nice cloaked in snow but….

    January 25, 2015 by MAX
    maxlandscape.com, invasive species

    Buckthorn (nasty invasive) shrouded nicely but choking the light and the life out of our woodlands and open spaces.






  2. Landscaping: West Chicago Il landscape renovation

    March 6, 2014 by MAX

    west chicago Il landscapers, maxlandscape.com

    We would remove the old concrete walks to replace, along with all the old block walls and shrubs.

    West Chicago landscapers, maxlandscape.com, Max's Greener Places

    The rich clay paver color complimented the house nicely!, also used Estate wall stones and caps for the walls.








    2011-12-06 11.03.15           Final look- though it is fall and the landscapes are dormant, this front yard has a much improved appearance.








  3. Think Peonies for 2014

    November 30, 2013 by MAX

    Easy to care for, stunning in their infinite styles, shapes, and colors:’

    Seen here in West Chicago landscape, shade garden

    Tree peonies bloom once a year in Winfield , Wheaton Il gardens

    Nippon beauty - a single peony, does not flop in the rain!

    Nippon beauty – a single peony, does not flop in the rain!

    Naperville Il english garden plant, easy to grow!

    A coral colored peony- really incredible!