1. Stone walls and walkways: West Chicago landscape renovation, xeriscaping concepts

    February 12, 2014 by MAX
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    Pre- renovation. Greenery covered much of theĀ front, and a tired block wall. HAD to go!


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    the final product a year later. Xeriscaping used here (drought tolerant species for this hot south exposure, plus passive solar with a deciduous maple allowing full sun in winter- much needed shade in the heat of summer. Eventually casting shade on the sunniest part of the home.





  2. Native sumac family: three season plant, and offers up a delicious tea as well!

    November 17, 2013 by MAX


    Rhus glabra, rhus laciniata, sumac, indian tea, native landscapes, native shrubs, edible landscapes, maxlandscape.com, ed max, naturalist

    Fruit of sumac: fun huh? AND you can make a healthy natural tea! A common, and native species, easy to grow.

    Fine, lacy foliage plant family- they can tend to colonize, which can be a good thing in a spot where you can let them run. Add in the rich fall colors of sumac glabra, shining sumac, staghorn sumacs. (Rhus) See maxlandscape.com for more info. The lemonade is delicious- strained!