Drought update: Dec 2012

As of mid December of 2012, Northern Illinois and most of the upper mid-west are still in what is considered a moderate to severe drought and has been since mid 2012. As the winter solstice approaches the Chicago land region is still snow-less, and has broken records with the least amount of snow in a given period, as well as the most snow-free days ever. There is also the feeling  of ‘deja-vu’ as we recall a very unusually warm and snow- free winter past (2011).   Other statistics: Lake Michigan at an all time low: 16″ lower than one year ago, and portions of the Mississippi R. may be closed to barge traffic as the river drops. Most of our wetland sin this region are bone dry as winter approaches. Armed with this information, we will be urging our clients to begin a watering regimen early in 2013, particularly for newer and more sensitive plantings, as well as recommending drought tolerant and native species in the landscapes. We will post a list of drought tolerant plantings as the new season of 2013 comes on.  Happy Holidays!


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