Fussy where located, but birch will thrive if sited properly.

Even wet areas of your land can be transformed into something wonderful: soils too wet for common landscaping or shrubs can be quite a challenge for some.  Instead, consider wetland plant species. Seen here is a temporary water retention area, and when flooded, these Bald Cypress (taxidoium dist.)  are loving it!   Like a scene from the bayous of the gulf coast, but actually in Wheaton,  Illinois.  Yes, bald-cypress have quite a range.   Found naturally- occurring up to S. Il  in the Shawnee Nat’l Forest (Cache River area).  Quite hardy for our area of Chicago and the suburbs, and quite durable.  Here is a picture captured after an intense rain fall  (close to 3″ in 30 mins.!!!)  in the middle of our drought riddled summer of 2012.  Whew!  What a relief it was for this wetland group and for much of the area, has been VERY dry.   Also seen are Swamp Rose, Black Alder, Swamp Oak (Quercus), and Buttonbush; all native to wetlands.

Taxodium, quercus, buttonbush, swamp rose, and alder. Larger specimens were planted in the late 80’s, and younger plantings are about 8 yrs old.

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