Glen Ellyn landscape design project: shade gardens and native landscapes among the healthy oak trees.

At one time not too long ago- Glen Ellyn had a wonderful tree canopy with many mature and majestic oak and hickory- much original woodlands. As time passed and homes got larger and larger …the wooded character of the town of Glen Ellyn slowly vanished (Crescent Rd is a fine example). Today we see much smaller lots and much larger footprints…and no room for the larger specimen trees. Instead we see tawdry plants such as ornamental (and invasive) pear, hybrid maples and other unfortunate decisions in the landscape. What we recommend is a leap forward ….to plant more oaks!

Woodlands of Glen Ellyn
A mix of shade tolerant plantings go well near and beneath RED oaks- many native to the Glen Ellyn environs. The colorful maple seen above is a non native but slow growing beauty called Paperbark maple with its interesting foliage and exfoliating bark.
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Seen here is the largest white oak in Il

Oaks are resilient and long-lived. And they go a long way in restoring the once verdant communities such as Glen Ellyn, Oak Park and other suburbs. With the decline in quality canopy we see a decline in over-all health in the local fauna as well. Oaks support a myriad of species where many of our modern tree selections do not.

So plant an oak today- and help with health of your community and all its inhabitants!

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