Elmhurst landscape design : incorporating ornamental and native plant species for a colorful (and ecologically beneficial) palette …..plus a permeable parking pad- lessens run-off and pollutants

Year one of the new landscaping in Elmhurst- We incorporated juniper (for privacy and screening) because they are very hardy and very cool evergreens. Juniper do not require much care after establishing. They prefer little shearing. it ruins their character which becomes quite interesting and gnarlyover time. They also offer up those blue juniper berries for the local songbirds. The permeable pavers can be seem on right.

Other species for this Elmhurst landscape project- Catalpa ( a lovely vintage tree that will fit well with this new home’s style), plus Redbud, and lilacs.

A vintage Elmhurst landscape design! Max’s Greener Places – landscape company in Elmhurst Il.

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